CDL Training is looking for new drivers that want to start a new career. No qualifications are needed and we have grants for qualified candidates. If you do not qualify for a grant, we have guaranteed financing. Truck Driving companies offer full tuition reimbursement. first year salary is 55-80K your first year with complete employee package
Stop living paycheck to paycheck!
20 Day CDL Driver Training program school! Our partner school program is to bring new drivers into the CDL. What to expect in the 20 days of training!
• Classroom training so you can take the Truck driver DMV learners permit on site at our cdl training school
• While in training Trucking companies will try and recruit you to work for them. Most students receive 10 job offers before they finish in 20 days. truck driver school near me
• You decide where to work
• Practice, and more hands-on training inside a semi-truck both off road training and on road training
• Then take your DMV test at one of our CDL training school locations.
Once you finish and you are ready to go drive the open road without an trainer. This is what you should expect.
• Starting salary 55-80K first year
• Complete employee benefits package medical, dental, vacation, retirement and so much more
So contact one of our partner school programs at