When we talk about takbet site, we are talking about exactly a fully professional and complete betting and forecasting site. Undoubtedly, takbet site is one of the best and most flawless Persian language betting and prediction sites. The takbet site has a prediction section and a casino, and each of these sections also consists of different sections.
Takbet site forecast section
The prediction section of the takbet site has two different sections before the game and during the game. Each of these parts also has internal items and details that you can, in addition to winning and losing a team (number of goals scored, number of goals scored, تک بت number of corners, number of yellow cards, number of goals, number of errors, number of passes Etc.) Predict
Takbet Casino Site
The casino section of Takbet site consists of two parts: online casino and offline casino. The online casino section includes fully online and in-game dealers, but the offline casino section includes special games such as blast games, European roulette and software games.

What is a Dealer? (Dealer refers to employees who are hired in global casinos to play casino games)

Takbet site credibility
If we say that Takbet site is a complete site in terms of credibility, we are lying because this site has had shortcomings in the perceptions of its users over the years, and usually some users complain about these complaints and protests in virtual communities and the environment. The notes are fully played. But normally, Takbet site is one of the well-calculated Iranian sites.
and so this page is about betforward :
Complete analysis of Betforward site
Betforward is a super-powerful, low-impact sports betting site بت فوروارد with a very special casino. Not only has this site been able to turn its name into a brand over the years, but it has also been able to generate heavy revenue figures. This site started with limited user usage, but later released its user interface so that more users can use this site. This site has different languages, but 90% of the users of Bat Forward site are Iranians.

Predictive football forwards

Betforward site prediction section
1. How can I record my forecast?

First, log in to your account with your username and password. Then select one or more of the prediction options in the various matches. Your forecast will be placed in the forecast panel. Now enter the forecast amount and select the type of your choice (single, mix, system or chain). In the last step, record the forecast. Note that according to the rules of the site, it is not possible to cancel the forecast after registering it.

۲. What are the predictions?

If you want to make a prediction, you can use the "single" mode. If you have two or more predictions in mind, you can use the "mix" mode. You can also use "system" or "chain" mode if you have three or more predictions in mind.

Casino Bet Forward

Betforward Casino Site
The Bet Forward casino section includes two live and software sections. In the live casino section, we see online dealers and you can fully talk to dealers, but in the software casino section, which includes games such as blasting and European roulette, war machine, Missiles, crashes and so on.

Is it possible to trust the Betforward site?
So far, there has been no special report on the non-payment of bonuses for Bat Forward users in the virtual world. Friends who have problems on this site can report from the comments section to mention on the site.